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We are very excited about the technology you are developing. We spent some time on your web site and we think this can have a very significant effect on the industry. This is not our opinion only. Big boys from IBM think the same.
Skip McGaughey, Eclipse Co-Founder

Scala Antidecompiler 1.2 NEW

Scala Antidecompiler (obfuscator) is the first efficient solution to prevent your Scala apps from plagiarism. Protects Scala applications including embedded resources - texts, images, audio, video, etc. files.
Runs under any OS with installed Java 8+ and Scala 2.12+.
See our User Guide and How It Works pages.
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for $225.00 only

Java Antidecompiler 8.7

Java Antidecompiler (obfuscator) protects java byte-code against decompilers, any binary viewers/editors, prevents reverse engineering, and plagiarism of your software. It combines an obfuscation technique, java cryptography, and the original BIS Guard & Co. technology. The high protection level allows you to hard-code passwords, dates and other private data secure enough to protect your java applications from stealing. The new sonar algorithm prevents class loading interception, class dumping and all other existing to the moment hacker attacks. Code is completely encrypted and hidden both from hackers and from customers.
See our User Guide and How It Works pages.
Supports Java 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.
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for $175.00 only

Flash Antidecompiler 7.5

Flash Antidecompiler (obfuscator) is a very efficient tool to prevent your Flash games from plagiarism. Protects SWF applications including embedded resources. Runs under any OS with installed Adobe AIR. Supports Stage 3D graphics. All changes in this version are based on users requirements.
See our User Guide and How It Works pages and Online Demo
Download Flash Antidecompiler

for $79.90 only

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