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Absolute Java and Android
code protection (bytecode encryption)

Our tools protect both code and resources

We are very excited about the technology you are developing. We spent some time on your web site and we think this can have a very significant effect on the industry. This is not our opinion only. Big boys from IBM think the same.
Skip McGaughey, Eclipse Co-Founder

Unremovable Watermark Bullshit
Submitted by Mark Smith
Why the fuck does this put a huge unremovable watermark in the middle of my computer screen when I try to use this?! It doesn't go away without restarting the computer and my jar file wasn't even obfuscated. This extension is fucking garbage.
Re: Unremovable Watermark Bullshit
Submitted by Yury Bendersky
Buy Serial No, and watermark will disappear
Re: Re: Unremovable Watermark Bullshit
Submitted by Janis Lechner
Where can I buy the Serial No?
Eclipse Forum

Antidecompiler for Android 1.2

Antidecompiler for Android (dex encryptor) is the first efficient
solution to prevent your Android apps from plagiarism and stealing.
For technical details see Apology and the next pages.
It runs under any OS with Oracle Java 8+ and Android API 27+.
Purchasing SerialNo will remove Toast from your protected
Android Application.
See also our User Guide and How It Works pages.
Download Android Antidecompiler
for $525* only

Java Antidecompiler 9.8 Standalone

See our Apology and more, User Guide, and How It Works pages.
This version is the separate part of Java Antidecompiler full package
and can be used as a standalone and a console Java applications only.
All other features and functionalities are the same as in the whole pack.
Works on Oracle Java 8, 11, 14, 15, 16, and 17.
Download Java Antidecompiler Standalone
You will lose more without buying it

Java Antidecompiler 9.5 Full

Java Antidecompiler (obfuscator) protects java byte-code and resources against decompilers, any binary viewers/editors, prevents reverse engineering and plagiarism of your software. It combines an obfuscation technique, java crypto-algorithms, and the original BIS Guard & Co. technology. See our Apology and more, User Guide, and How It Works pages.
Works on Oracle Java 8, 11, 14, and 15.
tryable zip contains Java Antidecompiler standalone, plugins for Eclipse, NetBeans, and Intellij IDEA CE, and console version.
N.B. For IdeaJ Ultimate plugin please apply to JetBrains
Download Java Antidecompiler Full Install Button
Still out of competition

Custom Development 2021

Last year we started a new type of services for our customers.
The first is the development of custom java protection tools, including plugins, standalone, console, and so forth.
And the second one is the custom protection of medium-to-large java projects, including pure Java, Java for Android, JavaFX, and so on.
The technological foundations of our protection algorithms can be found here Apology.
*Price is valid till the next version
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