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Welcome to RCP Antidecompiler

This document contains product information about RCP Antidecompiler 0.9.6 Beta.

About RCP Antidecompiler

RCP Antidecompiler is the best anti-piracy software tool for protecting Ecliple Rich Client Platform applications against reverse engineering and plagiarism. It's implemented as Eclipse plug-in and requires Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers starting with Indigo version.

License Notice

Serial No gives you the right to install any copies of RCP Antidecompiler plug-ins to any number of computers belonging to Purchaser as well as to free upgrade/ update during 1 year from the purchase date.

System requirements

Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers version 3.7 to 4.3 for any
Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux platforms (32/64bit), and Java 7 at least.


Version 0.9 Beta has restricted functionality, in particular:
           - Feature based deployment is not supported
           - If you will find something else please contact us

Install your software

From web
           - Start your Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers and navigate your browser to
             www.bisguard.com then drag RCP Install button to running Eclipse menu bar.
             RCP Antidecompiler plug-in will be installed by
             Eclipse Marketplace Client

           - From Eclipse menu select Help->Install New Software...
           - Add site http://www.bisguard.com/eclipse
           - Follow wizard instructions

Lazy installation
           - Download rcp_antidecompiler.zip from
           - Unzip it and copy com.bisguard.rcp.antidecompiler_0.9.6.XXXXXX.jar
             into Eclipse dropins directory and then (re)start Eclipse

Uninstall your software

           - Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details. Then select
             RCP Antidecompiler in Installed Software tab and press Uninstall...

           - Exit Eclipse
           - Delete com.bisguard.rcp.antidecompiler_0.9.6.XXXXXX.jar
             from Eclipse dropins directory

Serial No

Serial No. for the version 0.9.6 (Beta) can be obtained through our contact us page:
by placing 'Serial No' into subject field

Customer care

BIS Guard & Co. will be glad to answer all your questions. You can always reach us by e-mail:
taas@bisguard.com or
submitting contact us form http://www.bisguard.com/contactus.html

Report bugs & issues

We welcome to report issues that may arise on your particular platform and in your particular cases. Reporting of issues is important for us especially in beta version and can help us to improve RCP Antidecompiler.

E-mail: taas@bisguard.com

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