Debug Option

Java Antidecompiler provides a unique debug option

1. Run Java Antidecompiler plug-in and select Save and create debug config

2. Click Done button. Java Antidecompiler will create Debugger_XXXXXXXXXXXXX project.
This project contains the protected jar, the main class Debugger for starting debug process,
and folder attached_src for source files of the project. To start debugging a few simple steps
described below should be performed.

3. Import source files. Right click on attached_src folder, then click Import...

4. In the Import wizard select File System, and then click Next

5. On the next page select source directory, check java source files for debugging
on the right pane and click Finish

6. Open java source file(s) and set breakpoint(s)

7. Set Debug Configuration. Click Debug icon and then Debug Configurations...

8. In the Main tab set config Name, Project, and Main class

9. Remove Default configuration in the Source tab

10. Add Workspace Folder to the source lookup path

11. Select attached_src and click OK

12. Source Lookup Path

13. Click Debug. Debug perspective for protected project

Note. Don't use debug option for production releases.

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