Flash Antidecompiler User Guide


Flash Antidecompiler is the simplest Flash/Flex/ActionScript obfuscator. It encrypts entire swf file without parsing and transformation of the byte code. You do not have to choose between coding variables or modifying workflows. All sensitive data containing in as3 classes, including passwords, expiration dates, system names, etc. are encrypted and can not be extracted from them. Thus, several advantages are achieved: completely reducing customization work and troubleshooting. In addition the use of antidecompiler is extremely simplified. Encryption uses standard crypto-algorithms and hash functions.


Download flash_antidecompiler_7.5.zip from
Unzip it and then double click to FlashAntidecompiler.air. Adobe AIR installer will make all work for you.


Working with Flash Antidecompiler is not much harder than copy/paste action, but easier than working with a standard zip wizard program.

Screen 1. Enter your Serial No, if any, at the first run. The Serial No will be securely stored in the user directory and in the next time you will immediately start with a Screen 2. Without Serial No Antidecompiler will add watermark screen to the protected application.

After pressing Next Source screen will appear as shown in Screen 2.

Screen 2. Select swf file to be protected. Drag and drop is supported

Screen 3. Preview of source swf file used Stage3D objects

Screen 4. Select name of protected swf

Screen 5. Postview of protected swf file with Stage3D components

Screen 6. Self-explained message

Screen 7. You can see protected swf in Adobe Flash Player too

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