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The best code protection tools for Flash/Flex/ActionScript 3.0, JavaSE 6-8, and RCP developers. We refund 200% if you will crack them!
Antidecompilers from BIS Guard & Co. make the same as the other obfuscators, protectors, encryptors, and so on, but make it better. Extremely high protection level allows BIS Guard & Co. to guarantee money-back-twice that can't do any other company. Unfortunately for the last 7 years no one has applied for the money-refund.
Flash Help

Flash Antidecompiler

Flash Antidecompiler is a cross platform Flash/Flex/ActionScript obfuscator. Protects SWF apps including embedded resources. Runs under any OS with installed Adobe AIR. Stage 3D graphics support.

Online demo - protected SWF games

Download Flash Antidecompiler

Serial No gives you the right to install Flash Antidecompilers on any number Purchaser computers and to use protected SWFs on any number Purchaser web sites
Java Help

Java Antidecompiler

Java Antidecompiler is a platform independent Java code protector. It is written in pure java and can run as Eclipse and NetBeans plug-ins, stand-alone, and console Java application. The unique debug options.

Download Java Antidecompiler

Serial No gives you rights to install Java Antidecompilers on any number computers and use protected jars for any purpose

RCP Help

RCP Antidecompiler

RCP Antidecompiler protects Eclipse Rich Client Platform applications. 0.9.4 Beta version is free for any use including commercial one.

The simplest way to install Java and RCP
Antidecompilers as Eclipse plug-ins

Otherwise you can use traditional installation
via update site:

Lazy Download RCP Antidecompiler

Trial versions have no restrictions -
just add watermark to protected apps
They have also unlimited trial period

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